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Download Infernal Affairs II Full Movie | Infernal Affairs II The Movie To Watch

Genres: Crime , Action , Drama
Actors: Phorjeat Keanpetch , Chung-yue Chiu , Teddy Chan , Arthur Wong , Peter Ngor , Henry Fong , Tung Cho ‘Joe’ Cheung , Jun Hu , Shawn Yue , Edison Chen , Francis Ng , Carina Lau , Eric Tsang , Shipin Ye , Anthony Wong Chau-Sang
Director: Alan Mak , Wai-keung Lau
Country: Singapore, China, Hong Kong
Year: 2003
IMDB Rating: 7.3/10 (8903 votes)

In the prequel of Infernal Affairs. Chan Wing Yan has been expelled from police academy in cause of his relatives to the triad. Now SP Wong give him a chance to undercover the triad family controlled by his half brother Hau. Besides of Ming. He has been ordered to killed Hau father and infiltrated the police department. The story get complicated when Wong’s related to Hau father’s dead. The avenge is begin when Mary. Sam’s wife is the hit order. Now everything is complicated and related

Film Review

this prequel to the first movie is mixed bag,in my opinion.at times,i found it even more muddled and hard to follow than the first film.however the action sequences are very good here.and there are some really gripping edge of your seat moments.once i could figure out what was going on and who was who,i actually found myself getting really involved in the story and the action.overall,i did think it was more exciting than the first film and i cared more about the characters,which makes sense since the movie does delve into the past of the main characters.even though the movie felt muddled at times,the excitement and the gripping moments made up for it.for me,Mou gaan dou II is a 7/10

excerpt, more at my location – That there was a sequel to Infernal Affairs is not a surprise. In Hong Kong, if something works, odds are it will be sequelised, or simply ripped off. Even so, the bar was high for Infernal Affairs II. Did directors Andrew Lau and Alan Mak clear it, or did their endeavours fall short?A thrilling surprise of a picture that enriches repeat viewings of the (mildly superior) first film, making the viewer appreciate it even more, and not simply by favourable comparison. Andrew Lau and Alan Mak are beginning to reveal the width and breadth of the canvas on which they are painting an epic Hong Kong crime drama – the question remained, could they pull it off one more time?A superb achievement, to offer something different while remaining faithful to the original film. Comparisons to first two Godfather movies is not hyperbole.

Infernal Affairs II is a great movie but it never lived up to the standards of the first one which happens to be a masterpiece. It may not be a classic but still it has a great story in it. The film focuses on the youth of both Inspector Lau and Yan as moles of the police force and criminal organization run by Sam respectively. Aside from that, it also relates the story of the rise of Sam as the triad boss and his relationship with Inspector Wong,who belongs to the police organization and is determined to bring down his crime organization. The movie was interesting in the sense that we see two young people develop differently and how they turn out to be not the person they aspire to be. Aside from that, it also presents their personal and spiritual struggles that they encounter and the burden of the responsibility they carry in their everyday lives. The movie is highly recommended for everyone who loves the first movie. The acting is great inspite of the absence of the two main stars …